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High Standards

Wide Range of Services

Quality Workmanship

Stephen Westerman Décor is fully insured and takes great pride in ensuring that there are no “quick makeovers” or cover-up’s. All work is completed to the highest possible standards with attention paid to every detail, regardless of how small.

Free No-Obligation Quote & Specification

Every job is subject to a full written specification and detailed quote which we ensure is stuck to rigorously. You can take peace of mind knowing that there will be no hidden costs or last minute deviations to the budget.

High Standards

We ensure that the finished article is of the very highest standard, and we do this by ensuring thorough and professional preparation work.

Value for Money

One of our key features is that all materials used are provided at trade prices, and we are happy to provide all receipts for inspection. This ensures that your final invoice is the best value for money it can be.

Wide Range of Services

Our team provides a wide and varied range of painting and decorating services in Harrogate and Leeds which include all aspects of Interior Decoration, Faux Paint Effect including Marbling and Graining, as well as Quality Wall Coverings, Traditional Paint Effect, Sash Window Painting, renovation and draft-proofing, and other services such as Flooring and Fitting. We also have a particular interest in creating Art Deco Effects.

Full Sash Window Renovation and Draught Proofing

Sash Window RestorationDuring a survey some sashes or window sills can be found to be in poor condition and will need to be repaired or replaced. If a repair is not possible, a new like for like replacement will be made to the exact original specification. It is common for the window sills to rot and window tenon joints to become loose.

Where rot is found it will be removed back to solid timber. We use a two part epoxy resin based filler which is left to harden, sanded and primed. Any loose window tenon joints are cleaned out, glued, tightened with screws, filled, sanded and reprimed.

Broken and cracked glass is common with old windows and will be pointed out during the survey. Replacement glass comes in either clear float or patterned. Toughened or safety glass has to be used for any glazing under 800mm from floor level to comply with health and safety laws.

The Draught Proofing system is incorporated into the replacement parting beads, staff beads and bottom sash.

Sash Window RestorationOnce both sashes have been removed the replacement beads are fitted with a weather proof brush sealing all gaps around the window. The bottom sash is also routed on its mid and bottom rail in order to hold the brush ensuring a fully draught proof and smooth running sash window.

Many old sash windows have broken or badly fitted catches. The catch plays an important role from eliminating rattles to security. At Classic Sash Restoration we offer a wide range of new catches and sash lifts to suit your requirements. They come in many styles and finishes from screw catches to swing arm catches and from traditional polished brass to more modern chrome.

Security also plays an important role with any window. We offer the popular restrictors (restricts how far the window opens) and catches with built in locks.

Small scale model/sample of-fully operating box sash window which is a portable sample< Small scale model/sample of-fully operating box sash window which is a portable sample.